Lavender Chèvre (Goat Cheese) Mousse

Jessica Manganello
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This yummy spread recipe is quick and easy to make! Within just 5 minutes you can have a tasty topping that can be served with bread, crackers or crudité. Try spooning into a decorative bowl and serving as an appetizer.



  1. Place Chèvre + lavender confit in a mixer or in a food processer and blend. Slowly add milk a little at a time as needed to reach a mousse like consistency.

 For a taste of Provence, use as a topping or condiment for roasted chicken, salmon and grilled pork, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps serve with some beets as a side or on toast paired with a salad.


Roseadela's Orange Rosemary Confit

Jessica Manganello

Our Orange Rosemary Confit is handmade in micro-batches with fresh quality ingredients.  From start to finish, the process of crafting this confit is mouthwatering. We suggest using this confit with some goat cheese  on good quality bread, as a glaze on cedar planked salmon, or with a pork loin roast.


What is Confit?

Jessica Manganello

What is Confit?

Confit comes from the French word Confire, which means "to Preserve. Confit was the title given to food that had been cooked slowly for a long period of time as a method of preservation. Roseadela's Confits focus on fruits, flowers, herbs and spices, creating unique flavor profiles. We make each of our Confits by hand in micro-batches, in order to ensure that each jar is bursting with quality flavor and textures. Our choice of ingredients and our cooking methods, result in a versatile product that can be used as a finishing sauce, a mixer or as a jam or jelly. Try our Confits by pouring them over ice cream, cheese cakes or layered with yogurt; as pastry fillings, spooned over roasted or grilled meats, on a cheese plate, blended into cocktails and oh so much more.....Stay tuned for recipes, photos and stories of our culinary adventures.